On a mission to tackle aging.

Our story.

Healthspan Capital is a venture capital firm with a mission to broadly invest and support longevity biotechnology ("LongBio") companies developing therapeutics to extend healthy human lifespan. We believe that rejuvenation biotechnology is the future of medicine.

Healthspan Capital was founded in 2021 by  Sebastian Brunemeier, Nathan Cheng, and Michael Chinen. Our fund was the first publicly accessible longevity venture fund listed on Angel List.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I invest in your fund?

Any accredited investor can easily apply to invest in Healthspan Capital's rolling fund through AngelList.

For more bespoke opportunities to invest with Healthspan Capital, please contact us via email.

What kinds of companies do you invest in?

We invest in early stage longevity biotech ("LongBio") -- meaning companies that are developing therapeutics that target aging.

We invest in pre-Seed to Series A companies.

How does Healthspan Capital Rolling Fund work?

Healthspan Capital's investment fund is structured as an AngelList rolling fund. This means we raise capital from investors through subscriptions on a quarterly basis and can deploy capital immediately to invest in promising founders and startups. Any capital that is not deployed in a quarter is "rolled over" into the next.

Investors can increase, decrease, or cancel their investment subscription as they like, making this rolling fund structure flexible for investors.

For more information on rolling fund structures please see this article.

I'm a founder, how do I get in touch?

Healthspan Capital is always looking to work with talented mission-aligned founders and companies.

Please drop us a line at info@healthspancapital.vc

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